Eilat is a beautiful port in Israel, located right near the Red Sea. It’s widely known for being a popular resort. It also has great beaches, a wonderful nightlife and some astounding desert landscapes that make it a very good destination for people all over the world. It has many historical artifacts as well as modern attractions that bring in astounding and unique benefits for everyone.

What should you check out in Eilat?

For a lot of people the Dolphin Reef stands out as an amazing location. Being able to see and interact with dolphins is something astoundin, and you rarely get to do that. We also recommend you to check out the Timna Park, it’s a great natural park that has a great blend of desertic locations and wildlife that you will want to see again and again.

The Coral Beach Nature Reserve is also a very interesting place to check out if you like wildlife and more specifically marine animals. A lot of people like the Underwater Observatory Marine Park because it allows you to explore the marine wildlife in a rather unique and fun way.

We also recommend you the Ice Mall Eilat, this is an amazing place to check out just because it has one of the coolest shopping experiences in Israel. Beach lovers should check out the Mosh Beach or the Princess Beach and after that, they can check out the musical fountain too. Eilat also has its own botanical garden and a lot of people enjoy that because it’s unique, fun and full of wonderful plants from all over the world!

Eilat accommodation

As you can see, there’s no shortage of places to see or explore in the city. But you do need to find the right accommodation, and there are many Eilat hostels that you can check out right now. When you pick a good hostel in Eilat you have to check the market, see your budget and what features they can provide for your money.

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