Wasteland Survival is a very interesting game even from its premise, the idea of surviving in a post-apocalyptic wasteland is grim, but it brings in the survival instinct. You will need to learn how to take good care of yourself and also fend away zombies and other enemies that might appear.

The game is all about trying to survive in a world full of challenges, and it does bring in front some great moments. Right from the start, you can acquire items and then as you explore the world you will be able to build a home, craft and upgrade weapons so you can take care of yourself.

Everything feels natural, and it does allow you to explore all these potential situations. They might happen if a post-apocalyptic situation appears. You will like Wasteland Survival because it does provide a massive game world with lots of space to explore and enjoy the experience in a great manner. The game is designed to be intense and unique, and it does bring in front some rewarding moments.

What we like a lot in Wasteland Survival is that everything feels so natural. You will have to learn how to cook and make thick clothing so you can stay away from hunger. You also need to keep an eye on your health points, since living in such a location can be tricky, and you always end up with diseases if you’re not careful.

The game does encourage you to explore. Even if you create a home, you must explore new locations, and that’s a very nice thing to have. Wasteland Survival is all about doing whatever you can to stay healthy and avoid any challenges that come in front of you. When you play this game, you feel a part of this barren world, and the survival instinct kicks in. As a result, you get to immerse yourself into the entire experience!

When it comes to zombies, they are quite hard to fend off which is why you need as many weapons as possible, and you have to upgrade them quickly if you want any chance at survival. But Wasteland Survival is distinctive here because it does make you explore and in doing so, you will find cool items and plenty of impressive locations and ideas for you to explore. The game also allows you to craft tools and also reach places that would not be accessible by hand. It’s becoming more and more interesting as you play since you create your path and story.

Overall, we found Wasteland Survival to be a joy to play. It’s unique, intense and it also has a great charisma to it as well. It does take a little bit of time to get used to, but for the most part, it’s intense, and it does offer some rewarding moments. The game is still in development, so lots of new things will be added to it as well. But even at this time, it’s a great and fun game, one that you are bound to enjoy and appreciate quite a bit if you like the post-apocalyptic atmosphere and idea!


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