Video Marketing is one of those marketing forms that continues to grow and evolve every year. But trends change from time to time, so it’s important to stay up to date with them as you try to enhance your business and take it to new heights. Here you have a list with some of the latest Video Marketing trends that you should follow in 2019!

Business vlogging

Vlogging might seem suitable for non-business YouTube channels, but even businesses need to follow this trend. That’s because you get to show the human side of your business and a lot of people appreciate that. You don’t have to be overly promotional. Instead you just have to be yourself as you provide a glimpse of how your business works, what you’re doing and so on.


People dislike the idea of watching overly promotional ads. If you want your videos to stick the landing, a good idea is to focus on telling a story. It helps hook your customers, and it also brings you a way to humanize your brand too. Of course, you must create stories that connect with your target audience. They can be just barely connected to your brand if possible, and it will be more than ok.

Ephemeral content

While it’s a good idea to create content which lasts for a long time, Snapchat shows there’s a market for short-lived content. A good idea is to create short content often, and you can delete it a day or two after posting. This provides a sense of exclusivity to people that see the content, and it brings in more customer engagement too. So it’s worth it.

Vertical videos

Around 78.4% of the digital video viewers are using smartphones. And out of all of them 94% use their phone vertically. So while you can create landscape-focused videos, it’s still a really good idea to go with vertical videos. Especially now when you have IGTV as a hub for promotional content.

Collaborating with influencers

Influencers are huge in the online world and you need to collaborate with them if you want to reach new audiences. You can feature an influencer on your channel, or you can create branded content to post on their channel, thus reaching thousands of potential customers. You do need to pick the right influencer based on your brand and industry, that’s true. But the potential is huge here!

There’s no denying that Video Marketing can help bring in lots of customers in 2019. It all comes down to following the trends and finding a creative way to connect with customers. You want to create meaningful, engaging videos that are informative for your clients. You don’t want to be overly promotional, as customers will see right through that. It will totally be worth the effort if you give it a shot and the return on investment can be more than ok once you give it a try! Sure, creating a good Video Marketing strategy might take a little bit, but it’s a stellar investment and it can give you leads and traffic consistently once you get started!

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