Learning the quickest way to potty train a puppy is very important if you want your puppy to stay healthy and happy. This is a crucial aspect to keep in mind, but it does come with its fair share of benefits all the time. One of the nicest things about potty training a puppy fast is that it does end up working well and you eliminate all the downsides fast. On the other hand, if you don’t do this correctly, you set up yourself for failure, and that can be a major issue.

How much time can a puppy hold his bladder?

That usually depends on the age of the puppy. But the realistic time is around 2-3 hours at most. That means you will have to find a method that works great, which is adaptable and works extremely well. Sure, it might take a bit of time to get adjusted to it, but it will be well worth the effort.

But in order to teach your pet to go to the bathroom, you have to think about giving the right amount of treats. Ideally, you want to give him only a few treats here and there for various tasks. If you want to potty train a puppy properly, prepare 3 treats and stick to this number only for potty training.

This way your puppy will understand and know that going to the bathroom is actually a very good idea. It’s a nice approach and option to consider. And while it does come with its fair share of challenges, it also encourages your pet just to enjoy life and treats the way he should unlike never before.

Prepare a spot for potty training

Just like the 3-treat method, you also need to be consistent with the spot. Yes, you don’t want to change the potty training spot. Keep it all the same, and it will be a whole lot better in the end if you use this type of method. Ideally, you want to make sure that your pet is happy with the potty training spot, and you can change it only once if there are potential problems.
But for the most part, if there are no issues you should stick to the same spot again and again.

Then you also have to think about the surface. Some dogs just go to the bathroom on dirt. Others will go solely on gravel because that’s where you taught them to go. All these small, fine details might not seem important, but you have to study the situation adequately and focus on picking the best approach for your pet. The more you do that, the better the results that you can expect.

What to do in the case of accidents?

Unfortunately, accidents will happen and there are always times when your puppy will go to the potty in the wrong spot. If that happens, there’s nothing you can do. The only thing that might be able to work here is to pot your pet’s face in front of the poop and tell him that it’s a bad thing and you don’t like it at all.

It will be a great warning and it will serve as a good reminder for your pet that some situations are meant to be problematic. Other than that, there’s nothing you can do. All you need is to stick to the regular training program to ensure your pet is always going to stay focused on the matter at hand. Hopefully that will work better than you would imagine.

How much time will a puppy take to go to the potty?

If you see that your pet needs to go to the potty, the best thing that you can do is to go to the spot, take him by the collar and go there as fast as you can. Give him around 5 minutes to see if he really has to go. There will be false alarms at times, so it can be very tricky to create a potty schedule for your pet due to that situation. Yet it won’t be very challenging right off the bat unless you make it like that. However, don’t rush your puppy. The potty training process takes a lot of time, and you really have to push it to the limits as much as possible.

Does crate training work?

If you want to house train your dog and you can’t do potty training outside, then you need a different approach. But in many ways the ideas and guidelines are pretty much the same. The main challenge is that you need to go with crate training because it’s better, easier to do, consistent and it offers a huge array of options all the time.

Crate training is designed to work extremely well. But it can be tricky to perform since a lot of puppies dislike crates. As for the crate size, you want it to offer a bit of space, yet the height shouldn’t be much more than the dog height itself. Maybe a little bit more, just to be safe.

Dogs don’t like to go to the bathroom in the same place they sleep, so using a crate to keep them in place is very important. Now you need to figure out the right place where they can go to the potty. Ideally you should have a special place in the bathroom. Placing some absorbent pads and some potty products will help here. Make sure that you use the best possible options available, as that will give in a much better insight and value as you go along. It’s never going to be easy to potty train your puppy the way you want to. But if you do want a designated place for your pet, the bathroom has to be it.

Creating a puppy pen for potty training

This method works because it’s consistent and it actively follows some clear guidelines. Your pet is allowed to go to the bathroom as he sees fit and he is not restricted in any possible way. The pen needs to have some toys, it needs to be large, and it should also have water and pee pads. These pads are very important because your puppy will gravitate towards them whenever he has to go to the potty.

That being said, you need to watch him as much as possible to ensure that he goes to the potty on those pads. The way this works is simple, just point him to the pads, and after a couple of accidents you might get it right. There’s no real room for error here, so you have to be consistent as you work your way up and eventually remove him out of the pen.

Why is this the fastest potty training method?

The aforementioned method is called the BrightDog Academy method, and it’s used quite often for potty training. The benefit is that it’s simple, consistent and at the same time you can adapt it to your own needs based on a multitude of factors. It does take a little bit of time to get used to this method. But on the other hand it’s well worth it just because it offers consistency, value and it’s not that demanding. Sure, it does come with its fair share of challenges, but it’s designed to work very well as a whole.

It does a very good job at making the entire process simple and meaningful. The reason why this is the fastest potty training method out there is because you can make your puppy understand the challenges and go to the potty very fast. How fast, that’s up to you. But it’s safe to say that this is an approach which works very well and it’s super adaptable to your own pace.
The clear idea behind this fastest potty training method is that it’s designed to be very convenient and professional. It works exactly the way you need, and it also doesn’t come with any discomfort for the puppy. If anything, it’s active learning and it’s super fun.

Most of the other potty training methods take a lot of time and in many ways they are obsolete. You won’t see good results just because you push the puppy beyond his boundaries. With this method you just show him what he has to do, reward him when needed and teach him what he did wrong during accidents. It’s the simplest and fastest potty training method that you can find out there. Even if there are always going to be some challenges here and there, this is one of the coolest and better methods you can use to teach your pet the right potty training benefit.

Do you need to follow the ground rule?

Yes, you have to stick to all the rules included in this program if you want it to work. That’s because you can easily get soft and your pet will immediately identify that. Once it does that, it will use it to his advantage. And it’s by far one of the most challenging things that you have to deal with. It makes a lot of sense to opt for the best ground rules and to always push the boundaries as you try to achieve the best results out there.

You can’t get the fastest potty training method without actively sticking to the ground rule. Enforce your puppy with the best treats. Once you select a specific attitude related to potty training, stick to it. When you break out of character, you puppy will feel that and in the end you don’t have progress. That’s why sticking to the ground rule is very important. You have to be consistent, and you always have to retain the same attitude to achieve success.


The BrightDog potty training approach is consistent, convenient and it does work extremely well in a variety of situations. We encourage you to check out this system because it works, it’s reliable, and it doesn’t place a lot of pressure on your pet. It might take a little while to get it right, and there will be some accidents, but other than that it will work just as you expect. This is the quickest way to potty training a puppy and it won’t take months to achieve the results you want!

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