Having a great Instagram presence is very helpful, since it can step up your business and take it to the next level. There will always be challenges as you try to grow your Instagram account, since it can take some time to do that properly in the beginning. Which brings the question, is it possible to grow your Instagram account from no followers to 20000 followers in a single month? While it can be hard to do, there are some ways to achieve that goal. Growing your Instagram following organically will help you gain more customers and increase your brand reach, so it’s definitely worth the effort.

Start a giveaway

A good way to grow Instagram account following is to create a giveaway, and then share it on social media. People are always enticed about the idea of getting something for free. So you can use a giveaway as the means to bring in more attention towards your Instagram account, and it can work very well. A giveaway or contest is always exciting, and it can bring in front some amazing benefits. All you have to do is to give it a try and the results as a whole can be quite impressive.

Enter Instagram engagement groups

These Instagram engagement groups can be found on Facebook and they are a great source of followers. With that in mind, they can help your organically grow Instagram following, so they are efficient and also great to use too. These engagement groups will make it easier to grow Instagram following fast, and the results you can get will be pretty impressive. Just use that to your own advantage.

Repost content from others

In the beginning when you grow Instagram account, you must be creative and find new ways to bring in more attention towards your content. Reposting content from others can help quite a lot. Of course, you need to credit them and all, but it’s definitely going to come in handy. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to start reposting stuff, especially from major accounts with lots of followers.

Create and maintain a consistent style

Another thing that people love on Instagram is people that have a very consistent style. If you have that, it just makes things easier and better than you might expect. Use that as an advantage and you will find that it delivers the results and quality that you expect. Keep the style consistent and post often, then people will share your account with others and you will grow Instagram following fast that way.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are very handy when you want to organically grow Instagram following. The idea here is that hashtags can make it easier for others to find you in the online world. Using these hashtags will give you the potential to be found by a lot of people. Study popular Instagram accounts and see what kind of hashtags they use. Then you can start using hashtags yourself, and that alone can bring in an amazing potential. You always want to use new hashtags, especially in captions, because it will give you more exposure to every piece of content.

Use localization

Just like hashtags, geolocation can help boost your exposure too. The idea is that you share where these images were taken, and people looking for hashtags related to that location will actually find you and browse your content. It’s always a very good idea to take your time and implement the right solutions, and localization can actively help you achieve such a goal.

Share user-generated content

If you have a business and people already generate content related to your company, then share that content on Instagram. It’s a cool way to grow Instagram account, and it will bring you a very good experience. People always like the idea of having their content shared, so it can help you build a loyal customer base that will bring in even more growth and exposure than you may need, which is why you have to keep that in mind.

Pay for sponsored posts and product reviews

Paying for some reviews and sponsored posts can also boost your exposure. You always want to use whatever methods you can in order to grow Instagram account, and having people talk about your products can help. It generates the buzz that you need, and in the end it will convey a much better value and quality than expected. That alone can truly make a difference in the long term.

Asking for more followers

It’s strange, but the truth is that sometimes asking for new followers can actually come in handy. People don’t think about something like this until you tell them. If you ask for new followers, they might end up bringing their friends, family members and others to your account. So yes, even if it might sound cringy, this is the type of approach that totally works and it will offer you more followers online. All you have to do is to make the most out of it.

Post at the right times

Identify your audience and then experiment to see when you have the most engagement. Once you identify when your audience is the most active, you want to start posting only at that time and then adjust along the way. It’s a very good idea to experiment with posting times, because every business tends to have different results. Some are more successful in the morning, others at noon, while other companies have success during the evenings.

Encourage people to follow from the loyalty program

Adding in a request to follow in the loyalty program can also net you more followers. The idea is to encourage people to visit your social presence and if they do that, it might actually help you more than you might expect. It’s definitely a great opportunity and something to think about.

Use Instagram live

Another way to grow Instagram following fast is to use Instagram Live. It’s one of those features that can bring in lots of value and followers. Plus, you get to interact with your audience and learn more from them. It’s definitely worth testing out this type of approach because it’s efficient, it gets the job done, and you will appreciate the quality and solutions.

 Link your Instagram account to other networks

If you have other social presences, link them to your Instagram and the other way around. Using this approach is a very good idea to organically grow Instagram following and it works flawlessly. It might take a bit of tinkering, but it’s totally worth the effort.


As you can see, growing your Instagram account from 0 to 20k in a month is definitely possible. Yes, there are many different approaches and strategies that you can use to achieve such a goal, but the results are clear, you can fulfill this goal and actively grow Instagram following fast. You can also use our services to acquire real Instagram followers fast, it’s very efficient and it will offer you the unique opportunity to obtain real followers without any worries. Use these tips and our services to your advantage, grow your audience and push your business to new heights!

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