For a lot of people, Las Vegas is one of the craziest and most exciting places to visit in the entire world. And it’s easy to see why. This is a city built on fun, excitement, and happiness, and it has a plethora of interesting stuff to do and enjoy. And once you are there, you will have no problem selecting whatever set of options and features you want, as it will totally be worth it. Here you have a great list with some of the top things to do in Las Vegas for couples.

Go to the Valley of Fire

The Valley of Fire is widely known as one of the oldest state parks in the region. There are some extraordinary rock formations here, so you will be quite impressed with the location itself, its vast array of features and the numerous rock shapes presented here. It’s certainly something unique, slightly surreal and unlike anything that you can find out there. If you are even remotely interested in geography, this is undoubtedly a must-visit location!

Visit Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace is a fantastic place for you to check out as you have a plethora of exciting activities. They have a casino, but there are also performances every night. The location itself is sprawling with beautiful cultural ideas, and it’s just one of the best and most beautiful places that you can ever explore and enjoy in the entire world. It’s certainly a serene location that we all want to see and cherish.

Explore Fremont Street

Fremont Street is close to the Strip, and you will like it because there are tons of cool things in there. Free shows, zip lines, even some big name artists can be found in there. That alone shows even a simple stroll in Vegas can bring in nice and fun moments for you as a couple. From here you also have access to some great restaurants, so it’s certainly a good idea to check this location out.

See the Bellagio Hotel Fountains show in the evening

Some of the hotels in Vegas tend to go all out with the presentation. The Bellagio Hotel Fountains, in particular, are known to deliver a vast water spectacle every day, and that’s an incredible thing to see if you visit Las Vegas. Another option in this regard is the volcano eruption at the Mirage which is just as incredible and fun.

Getting a massage at the Delano Beach Club poolside

This club has it all, it has great music and there are massage professionals in there ready to help you as much as possible. What really makes the Delano Beach Club unique is the fact that it completely stands out and it delivers some outstanding services. Having poolside massage is basically just a bonus, but something well worth mentioning nonetheless.

Go in the Stratosphere Tower

The Stratosphere Tower is quite unusual because it allows you to see the city from above. It’s a very good pick if you want one of the nicest things to do in Las Vegas for couples. That’s actually very interesting since you go at around 350 meters above the city. And as you can imagine, you can see casinos, the Strip itself and a plethora of amazing things throughout the city. Simply put, if you are passionate about seeing Las Vegas from above, this is something you do not want to miss.

Exploring The Venetian

The Venetian is the second largest hotel in the world, it has 4049 rooms, 3068 suites and it’s entirely surrounded by water canals and gondolas. Obviously it will remind you a lot of Italy, and you will be quite astonished with it and its resounding look. If you really want one of the most romantic things to do in Vegas, then going in a Gondola with your loved one is unbeatable here, and you should totally check it out.

Going through The Mob Museum

Yes, Las Vegas actually has its own Mob Museum. It might sound strange at first, but this is a great place where you can see all kinds of exhibits and stories from both the police and mobsters as well. If you are interested in history, this is one of the coolest places to check out, and you will surely enjoy it quite a lot.

Visit the Death Valley National Park

We believe that this is a great place to visit because it allows you to explore nature and relax. The vistas are pretty lovely, and then you can come back after the trip to browse the Strip and see all kinds of stuff. It’s great, it brings you tremendous experience, and you will find it quite fun to check out all the unique and stunning locations presented here. It’s definitely something different, but it can become one of the wildest things to do in Vegas for couples if you love nature.

Shows at the Park Theater

Las Vegas is the type of city where you have shows that either go big or go home. The Park Theater is bringing you amazing shows on the Strip. Most of them are resident performers, and obviously lots of them are among some of the very best in the industry. Janet Jackson, Bruno Mars and even Lady Gaga are some of the big-ticket names that can appear at the Park Theater from time to time.

The Pinball Hall of Fame and Museum

Yes, there’s also a Pinball Hall of Fame and Museum in Vegas. And the great thing here is that you can easily play and enjoy some of the top tier pinball machines. But with a twist, as you will be donating all that money to charity. It’s a great cause, and you get to play some of the coolest pinball machines out there, which is extremely interesting and exciting.

TopGolf Las Vegas

Some people love golfing, and if that’s the case TopGolf Las Vegas is a great destination for you. This is actually one of the top tier golfing experiences in the world and a lot of people love it because you can practice and improve your game without major worries. There are lounge areas too, all kinds of food and plenty of drinks. So this can easily turn into a golfing date if you want, and that turns it into one of the romantic things to do in Las Vegas.

Eating at the Gordon Ramsay Restaurant

Gordon Ramsay opened his own restaurant in Las Vegas and here you can enjoy some of the best dishes in the world. He is known for the fact that he is a very tough cook, but you will obviously obtain a tremendous quality and excellent value for money here, all you have to do is to make the right choice, and the outcome will be incredible every time. That’s definitely what you want to consider, so check it out, give it a try, and you will enjoy it all the same.

Enjoying the ARIA Las Vegas views

If you want to visit Las Vegas in a big way with your love, you do want to give this hotel a shot. They have a plethora of corner suites that are massive, visually impressive and you get to have stellar views of the mountains and the Strip itself. It’s definitely in the list of the most romantic things to do in Las Vegas. It might be a tad expensive, but it’s totally worth it, and that’s what matters.

Shark Reef Aquarium

Shark Reef Aquarium is one of those places where you get to see all kinds of underwater creatures. There are some amazing animals here coming from tropical waters. And you will be quite impressed with their unique diversity, fantastic set of features and outstanding attention to detail. If you are very passionate about aquariums or just want to see some beautiful undersea creatures, then the Shark Reef Aquarium is definitely one of the coolest places to visit in Vegas. After all, it does have 1.3 million gallons of water. That alone makes it incredible and unlike anything you can find out there.

Paris Las Vegas

There are tons of different hotels in Vegas, each one with its own array of unique features and ideas. But if you want a great accomodation experience, you definitely want to give the Paris Las Vegas a shot. It’s different, fun to visit and the Parisian theme really makes it stand out of the crowd. Since Paris is all about romance, you will find visiting this hotel one of the most romantic things to do in Las Vegas. The allure is different, the place is unique and you will certainly enjoy it.

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Las Vegas

It makes a lot of sense to visit the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Las Vegas because here you can have a dreamy vacation. They have lots of cool features like massive pools, a wonderful restaurant and live music too. There’s definitely a lot of fun and excitement to be had here, and you should definitely consider giving it a shot. You can even dive with the sharks at the Mandalay Bay.

Enjoying the Egyptian theme at the Luxor

Luxor is a very distinctive hotel for many reasons, and many consider it to be one of the top Las Vegas attractions for couples. The cool thing about it is the overall shape of the hotel, but also the massive Sphinx and location itself. You really feel like you are in the Sahara desert, close to the beautiful pyramids. That really goes to show the attention to detail they put into all of this.

Photo session at the Las Vegas sign

Visiting the Las Vegas sign is a perfect idea as it’s an iconic place to check out and the reality is that you will love the overall visuals and tremendous focus on quality. That alone makes the experience a lot more rewarding than you might imagine. Arriving in Vegas alone can be one of the most romantic things to do in Vegas, and taking a picture with the sign is what most couples do anyways!

Viewing the beautiful castle turrets at the Excalibur Resort

When it comes to accommodation, it’s safe to say that most of the Las Vegas hotels try to make it big or go home. In this case, you will notice that the Excalibur Resort in particular stands out. It has some fantastic castle turrets that go very well with the theme itself.

Downtown Las Vegas murals

There are tons of things you can see for free in Las Vegas and the Downtown Las Vegas murals are definitely a standout here. This is an outdoor gallery that’s covered with murals created by artists from all over the globe. It’s an impressive outdoor gallery that impresses you with its size and also its scope. Definitely worth a try if you are visiting Las Vegas right now.

Hiking the Red Rock Canyon

If you want to explore the region and also lose a bit of weight, then hiking the Red Rock Canyon is a very good idea. It will make it easy for you to see the astounding locations in the region, you can even have a picnic here and stroll through at your own pace. It might not be one of the easiest to reach Las Vegas attractions for couples, but it’s certainly different and you can see local fauna and flora too.

Grand Canyon helicopter tours

In case hiking is not your thing, then it does make sense to try something a bit different. You can easily take one of the helicopter tours in Vegas and see the Grand Canyon up close. It’s a staggering, sometimes even a big scary experience. Some consider it one of the craziest things to do in Las Vegas for couples, but it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore and enjoy.

The Rio Wine Cellar

A lot of people love drinking wine and The Rio Wine Cellar is the right place for you. Here you can find a plethora of amazing wines from decades ago. They have 100 vintages available by glass and around $3 million in value for the amount of wines there.

Las Vegas Version Of New York

When we say that Las Vegas has a version of many touristic countries and cities, we are not joking. There’s also the New York Hotel & Casino where you have a variety of things from New York. From the Empire State Building to the Statue of Liberty, there are some cool NYC icons to be found there.

Bowling at the LINQ

Bowlers can rejoice because the LINQ is actually full of exciting bowling lanes and you can play here for quite some time. With 30+ bowling lanes and great food nearby, it’s definitely something unique and different that you want to check out.

Downtown Container Park

Although the name can be confusing, this is actually an open-air shopping complex. What brings its name is the fact that the entire complex was created from recycled shipping containers. You have lovely dining options, lots of shopping locales, so it’s worth a shot.

Nostalgia Street Rods Museum

At the Nostalgia Street Rods Museum you can obviously find some fantastic old school vehicles and street rods. Those that enjoy classic cars which were a bit modified will find this an incredible place to explore. There are dozens of cars here, and you will find it just an extraordinary locale to visit as a couple.

Explore Hoover Dam and Lake Mead

You can’t go to Las Vegas without checking out Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. This is one of the best places for you to see human engineering at its finest. The Hoover Dam is massive, and it offers an incredible view of the lake once you get on it. This is certainly something different when compared to any other thing you will see here.

The Shops at Crystals

The Shops at Crystals offer you high end shopping experiences with top tier brands that you can rarely find anywhere else. That alone makes it incredible to visit this location and you will certainly find it a perfect place to check out, especially if you are very passionate about getting all kinds of fresh items for your family.

Springs Preserve Botanical Garden

In case you are more passionate about plants, just go to the Springs Preserve Botanical Garden after that. This is a great location since they have a massive array of succulents and all kinds of other plants. They are actually featuring thousands of different plants.

Check Rhyolite, the ghost town

Right near Death Valley you can find a city named Rhyolite. The exciting thing about it is that it was initially a gold town but it was soon deserted and people fled to Las Vegas once there was no more gold left. This can be one of the things to do in Las Vegas for couples if you are both adventurous and like the idea to have a little bit of fun.

Sahra Spa & Hammam

A good spa experience is great if you want to de-stress and remove tension naturally. It helps a lot if you want to relax and detox fully. There are some great detox programs, and you will find Sahra Spa & Hammam a wonderful place to visit with your loved one.

There are many options to choose from if you want to visit Vegas in all of its glory. It all comes down to your budget, but there’s definitely a lot of fun to be had here once you start exploring the city in all of its glory. There are some fantastic things to do in Las Vegas for couples that you can enjoy and cherish with your loved one. The best part is that each one of them can be different, so you just have to create a list with the stuff you want and just enjoy it!

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